Ungrateful Dead

Ungrateful Dead in 2001
Title Grand Wizard
Gender Male
Species Undead human
Location Earth

Ungrateful Dead (b. April 20th, 1889; d. April 30th, 1945) is a Gay Wizard and current member of the E-Hang. Ungrateful Dead was born with the dark powers to manipulate the unknown forces known as the Dankness, and as a result, created his doppelganger, Daemon.

Mystical abilities Edit

Under the pseudonym "Vaderkid", Ungrateful Dead infiltrated the lair of the original E-Hang, and subsequently manipulated the Dankness to create Daemon. Daemon currently resides in the Dank World, where he remains in communications with Ungrateful Dead.

The September 11th attacks Edit

Ungrateful Dead was present at the World Trade Center attack that formed the entity known as Dan. Ungrateful Dead was piloting the airplane that crashed into the North tower and set off the chain of events that created Dan, who would later join the E-Hang. Ungrateful Dead perished in the accident, with his last words being, "Aloha snackbar". His corpse was later found by Jay, the powerful Dank Wizard, and he was resurrected to bring his talents to the E-Hang.

Trivia Edit

  • Ungrateful Dead's real name is Justin Timberlake.
  • While he was temporarily dead in the Shadow Realm, Ungrateful Dead was subjected to hours upon hours of Blood On The Dance Floor, remixed entirely with air horns.
  • Like the other members of the E-Hang, Ungrateful Dead has a theme song. Ungrateful Dead's theme song is Pop You In The Pooper Buddy by gay porn star turned 80s country singer Jeff Stryker.