The Shitfinity Posts

Mub wielding the Shitfinity Posts
Owner Mub
Type Post
Location Unknown
Previous Owner Jay

Shitfinity Posts are six immensely powerful posts. Whoever holds all six posts and uses them in concert, such as in the Shitfinity Gauntlet, gains virtual omnipotence and omniscience.

Description Edit

The Shitfinity Posts are a infamous set of posts created by members of the ehang that would forever go down in history as some of the worst posts they ever made.

The primary six Shitfinity Posts include:

Name Post
The Master Troll
give shitpost

Jay's Youtube Channel

Dan's Webcomic
Ryan's Youtube Channel
Strike's Blog

Owner Edit

The current owner of the Shitfinity Posts is Mub. The previous owner was Jay, until he was defeated by Mub in a shitpost duel.