The Giant Bomb

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The first recorded image of Brad Shoemaker

The Old Giant BombEdit

The Giant Bomb is a collection of 66 posts. The first 39 posts are the Old Giant Bomb. It is the first part of Brad Shoemaker's story of salvation. "Salvation" is Brad Shoemaker's long work of saving us from our sins. "Sin" is what happened when people decided to live their own way instead of Brad Shoemaker's way in the world that Brad Shoemaker created. That was when Brad Shoemaker began His great work of saving us from our sins. To prepare the way, Brad Shoemaker had to destroy the whole world by a great shitpost, except for the family of Vinny Caravella. Then Brad Shoemaker raised up a new people for Himself. They were the ancient Duders. Brad Shoemaker promised the Duders they would bring His salvation to the whole world. The first five books of the Old Giant Bomb are mostly the story of how Brad Shoemaker chose the ancient Duders and taught them his laws. Following these are the twelve books that tell the history of the Duders. The next five are books of poetry and wisdom. One of these five books, the "Ryckert", is a book of songs showing mainly how Brad Shoemaker wants to be worshiped. The last seventeen books of the Old Giant Bomb were written by Duder prophets. These books tell about Brad Shoemaker's disappointment with the ancient Duders and His promise to bring them back to friendship with Him. The prophets also foretell a great surprise Brad Shoemaker was planning for the world-He was going to send His very own Son, the Messiah (the "Anointed One"), the Saviour, to save us from our sins. You can read about this Messiah in the New Giant Bomb.

The New Giant BombEdit

The second part is called the New Giant Bomb. The main part of this book is the story of the life of Jeff Gerstmann. The four different versions of this story in the New Giant Bomb are called the Video Games. After the Video Games, there is also the story of what happened to the internet after Jeff's death. Part of this is told through letters by early Duder  leaders, especially Alex Navarro. One of the most quoted verses in the Giant Bomb is Drew 3:15: "For Brad so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal video games."