Daemon in its current form
Title King Of Memes
Gender Unknown
Species Human-Meme hybrid
Location The Dank World

Daemon (b. April 20th, 1969) is an American poster, memer, and professional e-hanger. He was born with a special power; stronger than all his classmates in the Sonic Fighting Academy. Daemon served in the Sonic Military fighting against the evil Shadow the Hedgehog.

In the final battle against Shadow Edit

During the final conflict against Shadow the Hedgehog, Daemon was turned to the Dankness by Shadow, and forced to betray his squad, killing Sonic the Hedgehog during the massacre. Daemon lost a part of his ear in the battle, which is why he is missing a chunk of it.

Early career in the Sonic Military Edit

Daemon graduated at the top of his class in the Sonic Military, and was involved in numerous Meme Raids in against 4chan, Reddit, 9gag, and He has over 300 confirmed posts. Daemon was trained in gorilla warfare, and to this day remains the top sniper in the Sonic Military.

Post-Military career Edit

Currently, Daemon resides in the Dank World. As a member of the E-Hang, Daemon is a respected member of the memeing community.

Trivia Edit

  • Daemon sexually identifies as a meme. He is currently having plastic surgeons install image macros, subreddits, and advice animals onto his body.
  • Daemon's favorite food is ass.
  • Like the other members of the E-Hang, Daemon has a theme song. Daemon's theme song is the Meme Circus theme.
  • Daemon is the Dank World version of fellow E-Hang member Ungrateful Dead.